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here's what to expect

  • There are NO lists of "eat this/not that"

  • No DRASTIC changes occur ( 6 month program)


  • Prescriptions/ONLY recommendations

  • A personal trainer

  • A drill seargeant- NO demanding/NO screaming

it's not

  • Implementing small changes; over the course of 6 months. Little by little to bring your transformation.

  • We work together to discover your bio-individuality- (what works for your body)

  • Does improve overall health and keeps lifestyle-related illnesses at bay

  • Improves your relationship with food

  • Bi-Weekly 2-3 recommendations/suggestions

it is 

All plans come with access to your health coach for 3-5 months. For questions & advice. 

Image by Brooke Lark

Health Consultation


You answer a short questioner  so we can lead you on a healthier path. 

Any health concerns addressed on nutrition side i.e (diabetes, high cholesterol)

Flow Chart

Wellness Plans

Prices & Duration may vary by plan

Teaches you how to have better eating habits, healthier body, and cleaner blood. 

Image by Sergiu Vălenaș



3 Week Duration 

Supplements included 

Image by Brooke Lark

Meal Plans


Tailored to suite your needs

1 month worth

Access to health coach

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