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my health & wellness transformation

I spent most of my life in a slim figured body.  However, regrettably as I approached the age of 40+, I would have to say, my body started going through some changes. I couldn’t figure out what was going on, nothing much had changed with me – well yes it did.  So to tame the frenzy of this weight gain, I decided to religiously go to the gym, and my body went even crazier.

Somehow, through diet and lifestyle, I found myself in an overweight category according to the American chart. I also wound up with borderline diagnosis of High Blood Pressure numbers, My Cholesterol numbers were border line too AND on top of all of that, I had thrown myself into a heart diseased category.  - What Scary Truths I had to deal with-.  Pills for life – as I spoke to the doctor about my declining health.

I had a hard time digesting that information. How’d that happen? I too, along with the rest of the America would be popping some pills for a common ailment.  I had a difficult time finding healthy. My attendance of Integrated Institute of Nutrition where I learned the science of nutrients and the correlation of a complete balanced lifestyle has turned my entire health situation around. 

I’ve turned it into a business Spice Holistic Wellness Ctr. (DBA Spice wellness, LLC). I teach others.  I have branded myself as a Transformation Specialist.  I went from a size 8 to a size 2.  My Choice Now I’m nice and lean, I like to call it. It’s not about the size “It’s about the blood work. That’s my Slogan”.

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